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Statute & Services' Paper

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The association has a democratic structure, it hasn't got profit's purpose and the offices are free.It exclusively has solidarity and social promotion's finalities, in this fields: sanitary, social, social-sanitary, social-scholastic, sporty-recreational-motory, recreational, scientific research, formation, free time, cultural, human and civil rights’ guardianship, first of all for disadvantaged people in intellective and/or relational disability's conditions and for their families, to guarantee to those people the inalienable right for a free and protected life, the much possible independent respecting the human dignity. The Association pursues it own purpose, also through the activities' development like: a)establishing and maintaining relationships with local and Regional Political and Administrative Institutions, with public and private centres in the disability's field, respecting the Regional Bodies' primary role according to the 19 National Anffas statute article;b) promotion and participation to the main initiatives, in the legislative, administrative and judiciary fields also, to the guardianship of disable’s people and their families; c)research’s promotion and development, the prevention, the care, qualification and rehabilitation on the intellective and/or relational disabilities, proposing to the families every useful information, also of normative, sanitary and social character and operating for removing the discrimination’s causes and to create the equal opportunities’ conditions; d)promotion, in all places, of the social inclusion's principle, in particular the scholastic inclusion, the professional qualification and the inclusion in the own social environment and in the business world, through the global assuming"'s way;e)promotion of the training, qualification and adjournment of teachers and employers of each order and degree;f)training directly employees or people to employ in the institutional activities done from the association;g)promotion, construction, managing and administrating of structure and services: rehabilitative, sanitary, social, socio-sanitary, socio-welfare, formative, socio-educative, sportive- recreational-pre- promotional, pre-sportive, training centres, day and/or residential structures and others linked activities. This can be realize with the promotion, participation and/or the establishment of administrative bodies able to answer to needs of people with intellective and/or relational disabilities;h)promotion, construction, administration of editorial and media bodies for the publication and information's diffusion concerning disability themes; i)assuming, in each office, the representation and the guardianship of human, social and civil rights of citizens, in their particular intellective and/or relational disability, which can’t or don’t know to introduce their self alone. The Association can’t do different activities from those above mentioned, if not directly linked. Only for social aims, the Association could do movable, real estate and financing operation, included the concession of real or personal guarantees to the association or thirds party, as well as the assets and real estates’ alienation, both with payments and free, also through donation, also modal.

Our services' paper, planned all over again in the first part of 2007, after having left some projects that didn't fit Anffas Ostia Onlus soul; it has simplified Anffas Ostia activities.This paper represents that in which we believe and what we share with all ours users, partners, friends, institutions and others. Based on values and principles shared by Anffas Onlus, it is our opening message outside and the representation of our DNA.The paper’s realization is occurred at the same time of the administration modalities’ publishing of waiting lists for various services offered by Anffas Ostia, real bogeyman for all administrative field bodies because of the specific rules absence. The services’ paper and also the rules for the administration of waiting lists are shared with our local health service that has support the operation under the legal and social profile.This website represents, in contents, a faithful summary of our services’ paper. For further information or to ask a statement of our Services’ Paper write to : The general manager Stefano Galloni