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Socio- sanitary services

Anffas Ostia Onlus is the first and only one credited centre ex art. 26 law 833/1978 in the whole XIII Town Hall of Rome. We are in fact the only one administrator body of rehabilitative services of sector to give entirely free services in the territory. Anffas Ostia has got specialist doctors in the physiatrics, infant neuropsychiatry, neuropsychiatry for adults, psychiatry fields; specialists speech therapists, psychomotility therapists in the age of development and physiotherapists, with wide and various qualifications.Anffas Ostia Onlus is credited with the Lazio Region for 270 TREATMENTS IN NOT RESIDENTIAL REGIME, of which: -207 in intensive care and 63 in maintenance therapy.From June 2007, thanks to cross agreements in institutional seat, the speech therapy field will have specialist in the sign language and becoming Anffas the only structure that gives a public and free service of this sort in the XIII Town Hall. Since now, the structure has got the following professionals:-2 physiatric-1 neurologist-1 neurophysiologist-1 internist specialist in infectious disease -1 infant neuropsychiatrists -2 psychiatristes -Psychologies-Physiotherapists-Speech therapists ( with sign language from June 2007)-Psychomotility therapists in the age of development -Technicians of psychiatry rehabilitation - Individual Therapist


DOMICILIARY-AUTISM PROJECTThe autism project or educational-rehabilitative intervention for autistic syndromes, ex art 26 L 833/1978, is operative at Ostia's ANFFAS since February.The training and coaching period, to the service’s opening, is finished in the early January 2007; the services are being given by Anffas Ostia Onlus, regularly and with the best available specialists. They are also included in a rehabilitative specific programme, by virtue of well-known provisions.In the lasts years for such serious pathology is being recognized a massive and early intervention of neo-behavioural cognitive kind, that is included in the pervasive growth with an immediately compromising of the social integration, communication and behaviour.Therefore welcoming the families' request, which have experienced with success this neo-behavioural methodology, after a relatives' job formation, teachers and operators organized by ANGSA, it could be able to offer, to 30 underages affected by autistic pathology, a rehabilitative intervention of not-residential domiciliary kind, for 10 hours per week in convention with the National Health Service. The principal users are 11 children between 4 and 7 years old, 7 children between 7 and 12 years old and 9 children between 13 and 17 years old.The rehabilitative project is given in accordance with the regional previsions and the guide lines for the rehabilitative activity. This project is given by a team expression of different professional competences. This team has to support an integrate social-health programme aiming at improve the quality's life of each user.[1]known and indicated method from guide lines of the Neuropsychiatry Italian Society of Infancy and Adolescence, May 2005.[1]National Autistic Subjects' Parents Association.The psycho-educative domiciliary intervention is particularly suggested in the treatment of autistic pathology that is characterised by a scanty area: the social area. From a rough estimate based on the intervention from February to July 2007, positive dates come out:-parents show greater tranquillity, no more busy in a difficult wander through ambulatories or rehabilitative centres, that indirectly influence all home environment and therefore the patient. -the whole family shows confidence on the external help; it also rediscovers a public service not always able to satisfy an extreme social life's need and reducing autistic closing among the home environment.-teachers find a great practise support, and not only a theory support, from operators' presence in the classrooms that proposed in a continuative way a clearly and simple method, rousing a profitable discussion on sharing evaluations and remarks.- The majority of users has reduced problematic behaviours and it has developed greater autonomy. In a single affirmed strategy the school, health and social services component. Rehabilitative project in not- residential system high extensive, summary:-10 weekly entrancesIn the social-health field rehabilitative projects are qualified like interventions with an elevated extensive regime. Since now, thirty families, thanks to the Anffas'specific project, enjoy of a service that is the most important in the social-managerial area for Anffas Ostia in the disabilities'field. The growth on scientific bases is showing positives effects in the users' treatment and at the same time in the complete families'satisfaction.