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Anffas Onlus, the “National Association of the families of people with intellectual and/or relational disabilities” is a large association gathering the parents, relatives and friends of people with disabilities, and has been operating for 60 years. ANFFAS is the main and largest association, in Italy and Europe, for the care and protection of people with intellectual and/or relational disabilities and its base is composed of local partner associations. ANFFAS is active in the promotion and protection of the rights of disabled people, starting from local realities up to the European Union. Each ANFFAS is managed by a President and by counsellors elected among the relatives of its youths (members): they operate on a totally voluntary basis, thus representing the most virtuous associative welfare system in Europe, where all resources are allocated to youths and collaborators. Anffas has 14,000 members in Italy, divided into 168 local associations, 16 Regional bodies and 45 Autonomous bodies under the Anffas brand. Each day, Anffas provides services and support to more than 30,000 disabled people and their families. More than 3,000 people (employed under the Anffas CCNL -the Italian National Collective Labour Agreement) and 2,000 volunteers and collaborators operate in the more-than-1,000 Anffas centres. As of the early 80s, Anffas has been pioneer in providing, for the first time, services to people with intellectual and/or relational disabilities in Ostia, Rome’s littoral area, thus allowing to shed light on the issue of disability in this local context. In 2002, just like its sister branches, Anffas Ostia became an Onlus (a non-profit organisation), with its own legal and financial autonomy and its own legal personality, closely related - at statutory level - to the National Anffas Onlus, which implements guidelines and general associative policies. As at today, ANFFAS OSTIA Onlus is the only local sectorial entity accredited by the Regional Healthcare Service, pursuant to Art. 26 of Law No. 833 of 1978 (Ad-Acta Commissioner Deliberation No. U00440 of 2013), as well as by Roma Capitale for Saish and AEC (Cultural-Educational Assistance) services. It also has direct agreements with high schools for educational and special-assistance services. It is one of the 74 SAI? Anffas branches in Italy and the first local entity with recognized quality standards, obtaining 4 international certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SA8000) for the following reasons: “for planning and supplying socio-medical and welfare services of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation to people of every age with intellectual and/or relational and/or physical disability.” It also provides some of the most advanced specialty projects in the field of autistic syndromes in Italy, thanks to a direct agreement with the RmD Local Healthcare Authority - Lazio Region.The concept of “GLOBAL CARE” for people with disabilities and their families is the internal modus operandi. ANFFAS HAS BEEN SYNONYMOUS WITH QUALITY FOR 56 YEARS. As a main feature, it presents itself not only as a service management body but, most of all, as an “Association” with a uniform vision of the protection and promotion of the rights of people with disabilities. Each day Anffas Ostia takes care of 450 customers with disabilities, all of which are fully satisfied; it implements cutting edge methods for Italy but, most of all, it offers its services with the awareness and affection typical of an association of families of people with disabilities. Moreover, Anffas Ostia is one of the few Regional bodies that has not discharged anyone in response to the current economic crisis. Thanks to its moral standards and transparency, the association was allocated a seized building - previously owned by organised crime - restructured after winning a Regional competitive bid (under the Deliberation of the Regional Council No. 575 of 2011) where Anffas Ostia was nominated for its Best practices in the field of planning and implementation quality. Anffas Ostia Onlus is co-manager of the Adult social day-care centres of Olevano and Subiaco. Although it is not under any direct legal obligation to do so, since 2008 Anffas Ostia Onlus has been publishing its own Social balance sheet: it is the only managing body of Rome’s City District No. 10 (former No. 13) that does this, and one of the very few centres (under Art. No. 26) in the Lazio Region. This emphasizes the duty of transparency that each body should have towards its stakeholders. Each year, Anffas Ostia trains, on a voluntary basis, more than 300 people from high schools on the subject of rights, duties and labour in the tertiary sector. The team of Anffas Ostia is composed of more than 200 collaborators and professionals, and directly involves no less than 4,500 people. Anffas Ostia Onlus represents the rights of its youths on the main National and local media. The Anffas Ostia Onlus President Ilde Plateroti “Against the mere pity, against the inequality. We are people”


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